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Discover the Future of Orthodontics with FAS!

🌟 Join the FAS Congress: April 5th to 6th, 2024 🌟

If you’re an orthodontist, this congress is your gateway to the revolutionary world of FAS, a unique aligner system designed for unique patients.

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Here are 5 compelling arguments and 5 practical solutions why you can’t miss this event:

Irresistible Arguments:

Innovation in Aligners:

Explore FAS, the first aligner system designed to bring function and excellence to every treatment. We break barriers by incorporating vertical control into the treatment plan, based on the closing arch. With FAS, fewer aligners mean more efficiency.

Focus on Vertical Dimension:

Vertical dimension is crucial for aesthetic and functional results. FAS excels in handling this dimension exhaustively, allowing realistic planning based on the patient’s stable closing arch. Achieve aesthetically outstanding results with long-term stability.

Patient Benefits:

With FAS, provide your patients with a correct chewing pattern and align their teeth in harmony with their joints. The closing arch not only achieves aesthetic and functional goals but also ensures treatment stability and lasting results.

Advanced Technology:

Experience treatment planning in the closing arch, segmentation of real roots and gum, and visualization of the planned final position of teeth on CBCT. With FAS Wizard, guide your cases in all three spatial planes and achieve highly effective treatments with minimal refinements.

Comprehensive Diagnosis:

FAS goes beyond by accepting 2D, 3D, and 4D records for planning. From the estimated closing arch to the dynamic closing arch, get a complete view of your patients’ dental anatomy. Real root segmentation allows precise planning, even in the face of potential biological changes.

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Practical Solutions for the Modern Orthodontist:

Stop and Go®:

Simplify diagnosis with diagnostic elements like the Stop and Go® method, making it easy to handle 2D, 3D, and 4D records for precise planning.

Estimated Closing Arch:

Scan upper and lower models, manipulate the jaw, and scan the wax bite to obtain an estimated closing arch that resolves cases without changes in the total vertical dimension.

Anatomical Closing Arch:

Add a full-field CBCT to recreate the patient’s real closing arch, allowing resolution of cases with necessary changes in the total vertical dimension.

Dynamic Closing Arch:

Use 4D records to obtain precise information about the real axis of rotation, allowing for more accurate and efficient planning.

Realistic Visualization:

FAS offers real roots and gum, not mathematical models. Segmentation of real roots allows planning in advance, preserving periodontal health and providing alternative solutions when necessary.

Don’t miss the chance to change the game in orthodontics.

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FAS Aligner System - Speakers - Alberto Canabez

Dr. Alberto Julio Canabez Berthet

  • Doctor of Dental Science, since 1991
  • Specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics (Dental Faculty, University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • Private orthodontics practice in Barcelona, Spain, with emphasis on functional occlusion, TMJ, esthetic orthodontics, and interdisciplinary treatment.
  • Professor of FACE Roth-Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2002 (San Sebastian, Spain)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2011, (Bucharest- Romania)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2013, (Istanbul- Turkey)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2015, (Moscow – Russia)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2016, (Warsaw – Poland)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2017, (Lisboa – Portugal)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2017, (Shanghai – China)
  • Professor of FACE Roth Williams Orthodontic postgraduate program since 2019, (Kiev – Ukraine)
  • Active Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics
  • Member of Roth Williams International Society of orthodontists
  • Dawson Academy. Honorary member
FAS Aligner System - Speakers - Domingo Martin

Dr. Domingo Martin

  • B.A. University of Southern California.
  • M.D. University of Basque Country
  • D.D.S. University of Basque Country
  • M.S. in Orthodontics University of Valencia
  • Diploma For Functional Occlusion – Roth Williams Center 1991-1993 San Francisco California
  • Diploma Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry 2004-2006 Portland, Oregon
  • Active Member Angle Society of Europe
  • President of the Angle Society 2014-2016
  • Juan Carol Prize for Best Presentation at the S.E.D.O.(Spanish Society of Orthodontics) 1991
  • President of the S.E.D.O. Meeting (Spanish Society of Orthodontics) 2000
  • Diplomate of the European Society of Orthodontics (EBO) 2008
  • Best Case of the year SEDO Granada 2019
  • Director of FACE – Spain
  • Visiting Professor – Department of Orthodontics
  • International University of Cataluña Barcelona, Complutense Madrid, University of Sevilla
  • Visiting Professor University Complutense of Madrid - Department of Periodontics
  • Creator of FAS – FACE Aligner System
  • Reviewer for the European Journal of Orthodontics
  • Reviewer for the Journal of the Turkish Orthodontic Society
  • Reviewer for the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Martín has given courses and conferences in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, England, Austria, Israel, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, India, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Dubai (U.A.R.), Japan, USA and many other countries
  • Private Practice San Sebastian,Spain